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Thank you Larrysa' for this book! My son is 2 years old and he loves it!!


Definitely a must read for kids. Teaching them to respect their space and others. Need more books like this.


I find this book to be super satisfying. My daughter and I read this book every night before bed. She’s engaged and walks around saying bubble! We enjoy this book and I have personally found it relatable given the current times. We are looking forward to more books written by Larrysa’, also to see where else she decides to take Levi on this journey while given us more about his bubble! This is definitely a timeless classic. Can’t wait to see more! Thank you for introducing us to Levi. A great read and such an engaging story for children.

Shayla Ferguson

Great children's book, but also one for all ages. We can all learn a lot from Ms. Tee and Levi. Love the creativity and thoughtfulness behind Birthday Bubble and your kiddies will too! Looking forward to more by Larrysa'.


Good Read, Kids can relate, and now a must-read Weekly. Let me be the first to say so much about this book, it is on the way to being a timeless classic. I can say I had never heard of it until looking into books for kids and the current pandemic. This was at the top of my list after researching, and I'm so happy to have purchased it. The art, wording, and storyline are wonderful. It engages my daughter, she loves the teacher and said she has one that looks just like Ms. Tee and it truly is a calming book for everyone at any time. This was written in a time where personal space has the same meaning, with greater consequences. Simplicity, values, family, and education are all focused on in this book. We've been reading it weekly since it arrived, and will continue to do so until we have to replace it due to worn pages. I highly recommend this book, and when Larrysa' writes another one I will get that one also. She is becoming a family favorite among the likes of Paulo Coelho

Larry Copeland Jr.

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